Cats are better with us as not upset by dogs.

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 The Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic was established to provide veterinary care specifically tailored to the unique requirements of cats, rabbits and small mammals. Excluding dogs from our practice enables us to provide a more quiet, less odorous, stress free environment for our patients and their owners.

Many of our staff (including both of our vets) have worked within the practice since it first opened its doors to patients in June of 2000.  We therefore have over 15 years of practical day to day experience treating cats, rabbits and guinea-pigs in this setting. We have attended regular continuing education courses throughout the last 15 years and have close links to the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB), the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), and the Rabbit Welfare Association (RWA).

The Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic took part in the FAB’s ‘cat friendly practice’ awards available to veterinary practices nationwide during 2006 and 2007. The clinic received a Bronze Award (2006), a Silver Award (2007) and a Cyanthia special award for ‘great catitude’ in 2007.

 Although the practice was originally established to provide dedicated cat and rabbit owners with veterinary care specifically tailored to these pets, we have also found guinea pig owners to be just as dedicated to their pets. Over the last few years our guinea pig clientele has grown rapidly and we now treat guinea pigs from across the midlands and beyond!

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 Perfect First Steps

Initial Vaccination Course (2 Vaccinations)
Complimentary Veterinary Health Check
3 months Flea and Worming Treatment
Microchip & Registration


 Furever VIP

Upgrade and opt for our Furever VIP Vaccinated Package when vaccinating your pet. This will then entitle your pet to FREE annual vaccinations for the duration of their life. This also includes a complimentary veterinary health check at the same time every year.



 Neutering 4 U

(N4U) is unbeatable for neutering. We charge the lowest price locally to neuter your pet. In addition we only choose the best post operative care products to aid pain relief and full recovery. We discount our neutering by up to 80% but refuse to alter the care we provide.


 Bug Buster


Buy 12 months Veterinary strength flea and worming protection and receive a huge 50% discount, with prices aimed to beat the internet or retail.



Nurse Clinics

Each local Caring Vets Practice is made up of highly trained and highly passionate nurses. We encourage our nurses to further their knowldege in areas that are of interest to them. You can benefit from their training through nurse clinics such as nutrition, behaviour, weight management, flea & worm prevention and even bereavement counselling. Please feel free to call and ask to speak with one of our nursing team.


Out of Hours

Many Caring Vets Practices subscribe to a specialist emergency out of hours care provider. Please check with your local Practice to understand what you will need to do in the case of an emergency when the Practice is closed for the evening or weekend.

For additional information on the out of hours service provided please click the link below:



Orthopaedics is a rapidly growing specialism. There are numerous varied options available to suit the needs of you and your pet; from treating the more simple fractures, to the more complex and degenerative diseases. We are able to offer referral within our group to The Avenue Vet Clinic in Kettering; this reduces your travelling time and costs, speeds up referral time, aswell as follow up appointments being able to be carried out at your chosen caring vets practice. Due to shared computer systems, The Avenue will also have direct access to your pets clinical record and any laboratory or radiography already carried out.


MRI Scans

Whilst all Caring Vets Practices have digital x-ray facilities MRI goes one step further in allowing a surgeon to make more informed decisions on the way forward with treatment. As MRI is a specialised service, your vet will advise if your pet would benefit from MRI.



We appreciate that it can be difficult at times to cover the cost of emergency veterinary treatment. For cases where such assistance is needed we can offer flexible payment plans that help take care of unexpected veterinary bills.

There is strict eligibility criteria for this service. Please always speak to any member of staff before you commence treatment if you are going to need help financially. We will always provide an estimate for any treatment if you request it.


Health Care Reminders

In order to keep your pet in the best health it is important to keep on top of their preventative healthcare.

We offer a reminder service to enable you to do this. We can send a reminder by text or email, we simply require you to provide us with up to date contact details.

Doing this also ensures you will be first to know about any any discounts and offers on the treatments required. 



There is an old adage that “you never miss insurance until you need it,” and this is especially appropriate with your pets.

We have the NHS and do not appreciate the costs involved in our medical care. We attend the Drs, or the Hospital, have investigations, get treatments and then head home. The most you spend may be just the prescription fee.

 Unfortunately, there is no animal NHS, and all Veterinary medicine is private; meaning you must pay at the time of consultation/treatment. We, as a practice, do not just see your pet as a £ sign, that’s not how it works. However, medical care costs a lot of money.

In our profession the RCVS ensures that we must provide appropriate emergency care to any animal to help ease suffering. 

 If you have insurance for your pet, you have many more options in how you can treat your animal. Some surgeries and investigations can cost thousands of pounds, and without insurance you may not have the choice to go ahead with them. For regular monthly payments you have that peace of mind that there is support there for you.

 So, with this in mind you may be wondering who to choose? After all there are a lot of companies to choose from. We always recommend using Pet Plan. They focus 100% on pet insurance and provide the widest range of cover. This of course depends on the type of policy you take out.

 All staff at Northlands has undergone Pet Plan training and can advise you further, tailoring your cover to suit your own situation. We even offer 4 weeks free insurance as part of our Perfect First Steps package when you acquire a new pet.

 Feel free to ask us about any aspect of Pet insurance to find out more.

 To see guidance of policies available please click these links: for dog insurance. for cat/kitten insurance.

 Please note these are for guidance only and you will need to contact Petplan to discuss your requirements in full.




  • Mr Simon Maddock MA Vet MB MRCVS

    Mr Simon Maddock MA Vet MB MRCVS

    Veterinary Surgeon

    I graduated from Cambridge University Veterinary School in 1995. After 3 years working in a mixed large and small animal veterinary practice in Hampshire, I married Kim in November 1998 and moved to Northampton shortly afterwards. I have worked at the Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic with Kim since it opened in June 2000. I am an experienced soft tissue surgeon and also have a special interest in feline and rabbit dentistry. Over the last five years my interest has expanded to include guinea pig dentistry and I have been particularly involved with developing improved techniques for managing long term dental illnesses in guinea pigs. Outside of work I enjoy karate, spending time with my family and I am a treasurer for the local Scout group.

  • Mrs Kim Maddock BVMS BSc MRCVS

    Mrs Kim Maddock BVMS BSc MRCVS

    Veterinary Surgeon

    I graduated from Murdoch University Veterinary School, in Perth, Western Australia in 1996. I worked for 2 years in a very large, very busy mixed practice in Hampshire and attended the first every rabbit conference while working there. Simon and myself were married in 1998 and moved to Northampton. I have been with the Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic since the day of it's opening in June 2000. Simon and myself have 3 lovely children and an independent, spirited black and white cat called Domino. In my spare time, I am an avid music fan.

  • Ms Katie Sharman RVN Dip OCEPT

    Ms Katie Sharman RVN Dip OCEPT

    Registered Veterinary Nurse

    I joined the Cat and Rabbit team in 2011 after working as a veterinary nurse for over ten years in mixed and small animal practices. I have a keen interest in anaesthesia and I am qualified as a animal physical therapist. I am also the practice advocate for the ISFM Feline Friendly Practice standards. In my spare time, I love to compete on my beautiful horse Frank. I also has two lovely cats, Mouse and Figis, at home.

  • Ms Nicola Taylor RVN BSc

    Ms Nicola Taylor RVN BSc

    Registered Veterinary Nurse

    I joined the Cat and Rabbit team in March 2015 from a small animal referral practice. I have a keen interest in feline medicine and behaviour and am currently undertaking the ISFM Feline Friendly Nursing course. Outside of work I spend most of my free time looking after my two ponies Dolly and Woody. I have a beautiful rescued cat called Tinka.

  • Anne Forward

    Anne Forward


    I joined the Cat and Rabbit reception team in July 2012. I am an admirer of cats and take in foster cats for the RSPCA and The Stray Animal Fund. I also have six cats of my own. In my free time I enjoy going to the theatre and the cinema.

  • Debbie Billingham

    Debbie Billingham


    I joined the Cat and Rabbit as part of the reception team in January 2005. In my spare time I enjoy baking and reading along with looking after my grand children. I have a lovely Labrador called Pippa and a cute bunny called Benjy at home.

  • Denise Bird

    Denise Bird


    I have been with the practice since November 2000. When I am not at the Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic, I work with my husband in managing our own company. I have two gorgeous dogs and a son who lives in America. My hobbies are art and crafts and I am also a keen baker.

  • Kelly Williams

    Kelly Williams


    I am a keen animal lover and have previously had a whole range of pets including hamsters, mice and gerbils. I now have a beautiful Lionhead rabbit called Hiro. Hiro has not been without his medical issues and was a regular patient here at the Cat and Rabbit. I became the Saturday receptionist in February 2015. I also have a full time job keeping me busy in the week. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym and boxing. I am also a keen movie goer.

  • Sarah Bird

    Sarah Bird


    I joined the Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic during its initial set-up in the spring of 2000 and was actively involved in the setting up of the reception team. Outside of work, I am a keen supporter of the Saints. I am very partial to ginger cats and currently have two called Tinto and Eric.